EFC Uganda Ltd (MDI) Launches EasyPay Partnership with Crestanks Ltd

EFC Uganda Limited (MDI) a fast growing microfinance institution that specializes in lending to entrepreneurs has once again, through its EasyPay arrangement delivered on its commitment to micro and small entrepreneurs in Uganda. EFC Uganda has on the 27th November 2016 signed an MoU to provide loans to micro and small entrepreneurs to enable them acquire Crestanks’ ISO 18001 certified water and sanitation solutions at discounted prices. The same facility will be extended to Crestank Limited’s existing clients – retailers; to enable them grow their stock and increase profitabily.


EFC Uganda Limited (MDI) Managing Director Mr. Claude Lafond (Left) shakes hands with Crestanks Sales and Marketing Manager Mr. Raghuram V. Amanaganti (Right) after the press briefing on Thursday 27th October, 2016 at EFC Head Office Acacia Place, Kololo.

Crestanks Limited incorporated in 1991 – is engaged in designing, manufacturing and sale of bio-digesters (BlueFlame BioSlurryGaz) and ancillary systems for small farmers that are affordable, appropriate, ecologically sound, easy to use, install and are durable. Beneficiaries of this program will be able to obtain; biogas production solutions also known as bio-digesters, water harvesting tanks of all sizes, grain storage equipment for food security, and sanitary equipment for their homes. Some of these items come with a one year after-sales service deal which includes installation, maintenance and training.

Millions of Uganda’s smallholders have 1 or 2 acres of land and two to four cows. We also have a big population of women including single mothers and widows living off the land. These solutions will significantly raise agricultural productivity and income through increased yields of food and cash crops and fodder leading to much higher yields of milk and savings in the cost of fodder, food and firewood, charcoal or kerosene which need not be bought. They thus address the challenges of declining soil fertility, low productivity, lack and unaffordability of fertilizer, food and nutritional insecurity, energy insecurity, unemployment, poverty, poor sanitation and health, lack of empowerment (particularly of women and the youth) and environmental degradation.

This partnership also presents business opportunities to small & micro entrepreneurs who want to deal in Crestank products in their communities. EFC Uganda Limited (MDI) is available to provide Business Loans, Home Improvement Loans & Women Market Trader Loans to further these endeavors. Entrepreneurs in EFC Uganda covered areas will get access to secured loans at competitive rates depending on their repayment capacity. These loans will be repayable in up to 60 instalments depending on our credit policy