EFC Investors

EFC Investors

Développement international Desjardins

DID is a subsidiary of Desjardins Group, the largest cooperative financial group in Canada with assets of USD 200 billion and 6 million individual and corporate members and clients. For more than 40 years, DID has been working with developing and emerging countries towards the goal of sharing the expertise and experience of Desjardins Group. DID today is a world leader in the deployment and development of microfinance around the world. It makes a full range of specialized business solutions available to its partners thus enabling them to provide their clients with accessible, secure and diversified financial products and services. So far, DID has set up four Entrepreneurs Financial Centers in Africa and Latin America.
Website: http://www.did.qc.ca/en


AfricInvest Financial Sector Limited

AfricInvest-TunInvest Group is today one of the leading private equity firms in North and Sub-Saharan Africa with over USD 750 million of assets under management across 13 private equity funds sponsored by prestigious Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), private and institutional investors. The covered and targeted region evolved over the life of the Group from Tunisia with relatively small investments initially, to the Maghreb region (Maghreb Private Equity Funds I, II and III) and subsequently, Sub-Saharan Africa (AfricInvest Funds I & II and the AfricInvest Financial Sector Fund) with signicantly larger investments. The Group has an excellent track record with over 100 investments made across several sectors and more than 45 exits realized so far.
Website: http://www.tuninvest.com

Uganda Gatsby Trust

Uganda Gatsby Trust (UGT) is Non-Governmental Organization based at the Faculty of Technology, Makerere University, whose purpose is to support manufacturing and value adding businesses with the potential to grow. It pursues this goal through two companies under her umbrella, i.e. Gatsby Micro Finance Limited (GMFL) and Gatsby Uganda Limited (GUL). UGT was established in 1994 with seed funding from the Gatsby Charitable Foundation (GCF) in the United Kingdom. The Trust implements several activities, which enable intimate interaction between the staff of the Faculty of Technology and SMEs.
Website: http://www.gatsbyuganda.com

Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries

The Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries (BIO) is a Development Finance Institution (DFI) established in 2001 in the framework of the Belgian Development Cooperation to support private sector growth in developing and emerging countries. BIO supports financial institutions, investment funds, enterprises and private infrastructure projects. Endowed with capital of EUR 595 million, BIO provides tailored long-term financial products (equity, quasi-equity, debt and guarantees) either directly or through intermediary structures. BIO is also able to fund technical assistance programs for client companies as well as feasibility studies. BIO requires its business partners to implement environmental, social and governance standards and supports projects with a balance between return on investment and development impact.
Website: http://www.bio-invest.be

Bamboo Financial Inclusion Fund

Bamboo Financial Inclusion Mauritius is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bamboo Financial Inclusion Fund. Launched in 2007, the Fund manages USD 195M in total commitments from institutional and individual investors, and invests in a range of microfinance institutions and funds worldwide. The Fund acquires minority stakes in the capital of its investees, while contributing to their development by sharing international experience, information networks, knowledge, and by playing an active governance role at a board level. The Fund uses a market-oriented approach to deliver social and environmental value, in addition to financial returns to investors. The Fund is managed by Bamboo Finance through offices in Luxembourg, Geneva, Kenya, Bogota, San Francisco and Singapore.
Website: http://www.bamboofinance.com

ASN-Novib Microcredit Fund

The ASN-Novib Microcredit Fund (ANMF) is regulated and organized as a semiopen- ended fund, enabling private individuals to invest in MFIs by purchasing shares sold through ASN Bank. Its goal is to encourage broader participation by all types of entrepreneurs in the market economies of developing countries. By the end of 2013, the fund had grown to almost EUR 250 million, of which close to EUR 200 million had been invested in 106 MFIs globally. The investment manager of ANMF is Triple Jump, one of the leading microfinance fund managers in the world. Triple Jump offers professional fund management services to investors and provides loans and equity investments to microfinance institutions. Its advisory services help growing MFIs move to the next business level by providing cost sharing grants and technical assistance.
Website: http://www.triplejump.eu/anf/