About EFC

EFC Uganda Limited (MDI)

EFC Uganda Limited (MDI), which previously operated as EFC Limited, figures among the fastest growing microfinance institutions in Uganda. Licensed and supervised by the Bank of Uganda, it is committed to contributing to the development of the country’s private sector by providing increased access to financial services for the underserved micro and small scale enterprise (MSE) market segment. EFC Uganda is driven by its mission of offering financial services to MSEs on a permanent and sustainable basis while contributing to wealth creation and poverty reduction.

Who We Are

In 2009 DID pioneered a new microfinance model in Zambia specialized in MSE (Micro and Small Entrepreneur) financing. This flagship EFC, Pulse Financial Services Limited (now trading as EFC Zambia), was developed by DID under an innovative approach based on partnership with world-class organizations and has enjoyed considerable success. One of the significant features of the model is its popular employee and customer share ownership programs. Inspired by the EFC experience and success in Zambia and Tanzania, EFC Uganda opened for business in the Ndeeba Town of Kampala in June 2012. Our objective is to contribute to the development of Uganda’s private sector by providing increased access to financial services by the underserved micro and small entrepreneurs’ (MSEs) market segment.