EFC Smart Card


Security of EFC customer transactions remains cardinal to the company’s daily operations and as such, the EFC’s computerized environment helps to ensure customers’ personal information integrity and highly limits the risks of fraud and theft.

A secure transaction environment is an overall strategy and a standard for deployment of advanced financial tools that will reinforce the EFC’s distinct competitiveness in the microfinance industry and the Ugandan financial sector as a whole. The latest innovation is the Identification Card (ID Card) also known as the Smart Card.

This card features the customer’s name, photograph as well as a microchip which allows specifically assigned members of EFC staff to quickly and securely access customer account details as well as information pertaining to their loan repayment history.

The Smart Card has increased transaction efficiency and the EFC’s business capacity altogether not only through the enhancement of security but the reduction of processing and queuing time thereby improving the quality of operations and customer care.