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Forex Rate:   | KES/ UGX: Buying: 1.56, Selling: 1.57   | USD/ UGX: Buying: 3608.30 , Selling: 3618.30    | TZS/ UGX: Buying: 1.4 , Selling: 1.81    | EURO/ UGX: Buying: 4187.67 , Selling: 4199.26    | GBP/ UGX: Buying: 4944.07 , Selling: 4954.00    | YNG/ UGX: Buying: 3630.85 , Selling: 4190.59    | RWF/ UGX: Buying: 3.33 , Selling: 4.48    | ZAR/ UGX: Buying: 243.96 , Selling: 244.67

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