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First, the SMART CARD displays your full name and picture, making it very difficult to be used by someone else other than you. a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that only you know is linked to your ID Card. So, as long as you do not tell this PIN to anyone else,

YES. All customers must have their ID card to perform withdrawal transactions in a branch. For deposits, a transaction can be performed without the Smart Card only if a customer has given their Customer Number printed on the left side of the card. Additionally, 

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Your PIN is the strongest barrier against unwanted and fraudulent access to your bank accounts. Remember that you are the only person knowing your PIN and that it is your responsibility that  your wallet or purse where you normally keep your ID Card.

Considering that the Card is mandatory to access your accounts, you should store it in a safe place where only you have access. Should you lose your Smart Card, it is your responsibility to inform EFC Uganda as soon as possible. Please note that a fee of UGX 10,000 will be directly debited from your account for your replacement Smart Card.

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